Introducing the Devotional Chef!

I’m Rev. Robert H. Lacy, the Devotional Chef, and here I have set out to do a few things:

  • To introduce you to Jesus, the Creator of the universe!
  • To inspire you through stories and experiences, my own and those of Christian celebrities we meet along the way.
  • To share some terrific recipes, my favorites and those of many others; and to share along with the good food prayers and devotions that touch the heart of GOD!
  • To invite you to join our loving and caring family, here to minister to your needs!
  • Finally, to invite you to join a very worthy and worthwhile cause. You can help save men and women and children and families: in South Louisiana we’re going to build a state-of-the-art functional shelter and soup kitchen. After Katrina and Rita, there are still plenty of needy folk there.

The Devotional Chef Brand

The Devotional Chef brand celebrates the fact that Christian fellowship and food go hand-in-hand, and provides products and services for home cooks that demonstrate this relationship to society. This is captured in our slogan, “The Home of God and Good Food!”

Rev. Robert Lacy (President/CEO) is a full-time evangelist and the Pastor/Founder of White Dove
Ministries, headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. The ministry is a 501C (3) outreach ministry; currently
involved in child sponsorship and in assisting those who need aid.

Rev. Lacy was born in Trenton, NJ, raised and educated in Philadelphia, PA and Trenton, NJ, where he attended high school; he then attended Mercer County Community College and Trenton State College. He served as past president of the Mercer County Young Democrats and as a former New Jersey Legislative Aid and Republican Congressional Staff Assistant and New Jersey Military Liaison.

Moving south, Rev. Lacy attended World Evangelism Bible College and Seminary in Baton Rouge. He served as a deacon for a church in Trenton and as a youth pastor in Baton Rouge, and traveled to Europe and Nigeria on a mission team as an evangelist. His vision is to establish in New Orleans a local church, a state-of-the-art medical health clinic, soup kitchen, and food pantry / child assistance outreach.

Rev. Lacy also served formerly in the Kiwanis International, Red Stick Chapter and Kiros National Prison Ministries. He has spoken in churches, prisons, rehabs, service clubs, on radio and television as a minister and author of two books, The Devotional Chef’s Cookbook and Anointed to Prosper. He has produced a celebrity Christian cooking show based on The Devotional Chef’s Cookbook.

Rev. Robert Lacy is married to Minister Paula K. Lacy, Comptroller and CFO of the company. They have three adult children and two grandchildren. They are both ordained and licensed ministers of the Gospel, and serve as staff ministers at Grace and Compassion Church in Baton Rouge.

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